Baby Bali


We are the first token to combine these 4 super elements at once (Tourism, Marketplace, Giveaway and Games).

We chose the tourism sector as a priority in this project. We believe that with our innovations, we can contribute to revitalizing Indonesia’s Tourism Sector after The Pandemic.

We are also very confident, with the incessant vaccination program in Indonesia, the glory of Indonesian Tourism will soon rise again. And when that happens, then Our “Baby Bali” products will be perfect at the right time, and in the right place.

Real Project

We have a Real Project. Not just meme tokens or earn tokens. Our goal is to build the first token/crypto-based ecosystem in the tourism sector. Currently we have established cooperation with several major hotels, travel agents, and transportation service providers. It is proof that we are serious about building the ecosystem we dream of. We believe that with our innovations, we can contribute to revitalizing Bali's tourism sector after the pandemic, and We want to promote tourism in areas of Indonesia that have not been touched by travelers, even though these areas have very good tourism potential.

3 % Auto Liquidity Pool

of every transaction is converted into liquidity for Pancakeswap. It’s automatic and helps create a price floor (stability).

Real Utility

We are developing a marketplace where the concept is something literally "Baby Bali". The name Baby Bali itself means "Little Bali" or "Mini Bali" everything about Bali or Balinese themed will be there. You can search for Hotel, Villa, Cafe, Resto, Spa, Car Rental, Motorbike Rental, and ongoing promos throughout Indonesia. And we are also designing a scheme so that the Baby Bali token can be used in our marketplace later, without violating the rules that apply in Indonesia.

A Team that always innovates

We are a team with a clear organizational structure. Our company is also currently being registered, so Baby Bali products are really done by a company that contains credible people who continue to innovate, not just 1-2 people.

1 % Token Reflection

Holders earn passive rewards through static reflection as they watch their BabyBali balance grow indefinitely.

Real Reward

we will bring 1 lucky baby bali holder every month to bali and suprise gift


BURN 35.7%
Giveaway Wallet
Research & Development Wallet


3% Marketing

3% Add LP

1% Reflection

1% Burn

We provide our Holders with a Virtual Membership Card which can be accessed at “” which has different benefits at each level, and the level will increase as their investment in Baby Bali increases.


Virtual Membership Card Levels:

  • Bronze > $60

  • Silver > $250

  • Gold > $500

  • Platinum > $1000

  • Diamond > $10.000

  • Signature > Baby Bali Team


You can still buy Baby Bali for under $60, but you don’t get a Virtual Membershipcard, but you will have it as your investment increases.


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